Here we answer the most common questions

Do I have to pay for my booked appointment even if I canceled or rebooked the appointment myself later?

Ansver: Yes. When you place an order with us, you also accept our terms and conditions. Payment is made to our Swish number: 1235304746 or via Bankgiro: 173-5315 state your name and booking number as a reference.

Is a prepayment required to use your service for booking of an appointment for passport or national ID card?

Ansver: No. You always pay AFTER you have received your passport appointment, this so that you will be 100% satisfied.

Can you book both a passport and a national ID card?

Ansver: Yes. In the form you choose which travel document you want to book the appointment for.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

Ansver: Our system starts the search immediately when you fill in the form. Normally you get an appointment within a few hours. Sometimes just within minutes!

Can I choose where I apply for my passport?

Ansver: Yes. In the booking form on the page (Book now), you choose in which county you want to apply for the booking.

How and where do I pay?

Ansver: You pay to our Swish account or via Bankgiro after you have been given a new appointment for a passport or national ID card.

Can you choose more counties to find a new passport appointment in?

Ansver: No Unfortunately not. You can only choose a county or a specific passport office to book your passport appointment in.

What does it cost to book?

Ansver: Booking a new appointment for a passport or national ID card costs 149 SEK for one person and 199 SEK for 2-8 people.

Do you cooperate with the police?

Ansver: No. We do not cooperate with the Police, but we help you find a faster time at the Police's booking service of appointments for passports and national ID cards.

I do not have a booking number!

Ansver: It does not matter! Fill in your details in the form on the booking page (Book now) and choose a new booking and we will arrange a new appointment for you according to your wishes.

Can I have an passport appointment tomorrow?

Ansver: Yes. You can get an appointment tomorrow. Our system starts the search immediately when you fill in the form.